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Click on thumbnail pictures below for a larger view. All Photos Taken by Bruce Coy and Alfredo Saucedo

Mirror Ball Tree Topper

This mirror ball was custom installed to slowly spin when the tree is lighted.

Mirror Ball Tree Topper

The tree was placed under a blue spotlight and when lighted provided slow blue stars on the ceiling.

Mirror Ball Tree Topper

The tree fully decorated with spinning mirror ball tree topper and various spinning ornaments.

Upside-Down Christmas Tree

A floor standing upside-down tree inclusive of a lighted star, stuffed "Grinch", and giraffe.

Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Another view of tree with lighted palm tree in background.

See Tree Animated by CLICKING HERE

Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Upside-down trees are great space-savers and are excellent for hanging spinning and special ornaments.

Traditional Christmas Tree

This tree is more traditional and constructed to enhance the colors of the walls around it.

Office Reception Decorations

This tree and garland were decorated at one of my commercial clients for their reception area.

Foyer Tree

Using garland, gold garland, and a gold-painted stick tree, multiple-colored small ornaments enhance a client's entry area.

Fireplace and Entertainment Center

Garlands and decorations should enhance a room's colors, as seen here.

Entertainment Center

Trumpets and three Wise Men are used above this entertainment center.


The color of the wall 'and the painting' are used in this garland for the fireplace.

Stair Railing and Balcony

A more traditional garland for both a stairway and balcony railing.

Stair Railing

Using multiple ornament sizes and shapes, this stair railing is much more colorful and yet glamorous.

Stair Railing

The base of the stair railing with a good view of ribbon and a large bow.

Stair Railing

Another view of the stair railing shows multiple color and ribbon.

Stair Railing

One more look at the stair railing shows color and multiple-sized ornaments in a close-up view.

Stair Railing and Landing

Another stair railing shows depth with the use of a four-foot silver-sprayed thread-spun tree and purple ornaments.

Foyer Table

An entry garland which is constructed to match colorful characters and the purple/aqua oil painting.

Dining Table Centerpiece

Using thread-spun silver-sprayed cone trees, an elegant table centerpiece is made.

Dining Table Hanging Centerpiece

The same trees are hung from recessed lights in the ceiling using fishing line. A star is added. For the party, the trees had white lights inside and live orchids coming out of the top.

Kitchen Cabinets

Garlands are added in the space above cabinets in the kitchen with tiger-print, and gold-mesh ribbons. All are lighted and on timers.

Kitchen Wine Rack

This garland is full of plain and sugar-covered artificial grapes which are hanging from grape vines.

Floor Lamp

The art-deco floor lamp is covered with lighted garland, colorful ornaments and butterflies.

Floor Lamp

Another view of the lamp shows how realistic the butterflies look.

Home Office Desk

A home office desk is decorated with room-matching colors and St. Nicholas.


One of my specialties is decorating chandeliers. Here is one with garland, ornaments and fruit.


Another chandelier is decorated using garland, multiple-colored ornaments and handing glass ornaments.

Indoor Palm Tree

An indoor artificial palm tree can be a nice enhancement in a room without a Christmas tree. Sorry for the blurred picture.

Front Door Garland

The garland around the front door is lighted and decorated to welcome visitors. The wreath shown was replaced with fresh pine greens.

Custom Embroidered Napkins

Custom cut, surged edges, beaded tips. Gold, green, and red embroidery.


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