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Bruce Coy

Holiday Designer

Bruce Coy has always enjoyed Christmas. The holiday season has been his favorite time of the year, originating from his childhood memories of snowy winters in his birth state of Michigan. Throughout his life, he has lived or traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe. His travels have also allowed him to witness 'first hand' different cultures and traditions. In the early 1990's, Bruce worked with an interior designer in Houston, Texas as an assistant during the holiday season. Each year since, beginning in September through January, Bruce worked with the designer installing decorations in some of Houston's most affluent homes and restaurants.

As his on-the-job experience grew, Bruce was able to use more of his creative talents as a lead installation designer for the interior designer. In 2002, Bruce began his own business with established customers in the Houston area. Since this time, Bruce has been providing interior holiday decoration design under the name of AMERICA at HOME. His business provides holiday decoration for home and office interiors.

In his travels, Bruce has visited manufacturers of Christmas decorations. Above he is pictured examining ornaments at the Dorotheenhütte Glass Factory in Wolfach, Germany

One of Bruce's table works designed for a holiday party. The upside-down cones included white lights inside and during the party, live orchids were placed in the top of each cone.

Bruce believes that holiday decorating should enhance the existing decorations of the room or home, including factors such as the personality of the homeowner and the purpose of decorating. Whether there are just a few decorations or a complete transformation of the home's interior, he believes that the original interior design of the room or home should remain intact. In 2006, his decorating efforts caught the attention of Houston Lifestyles and Homes magazine and he landed a feature story for the November 2007 issue. Bruce continues to provide holiday decorating in the Houston area.

In addition, Bruce continues to support and volunteer for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, as well as other local and national charities.


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